Directed by Amos Poe, Director of Photography Hannah Heer
Producer Hannah Heer

USA/A 1979/81, 120 minutes, 16mm, Color

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Susan Tyrrell - Eleanor Langley
Robbie Coltrane - Detective Fritz Langley
John Lurie - The Saxophonist
Amos Poe - Writer Ant
Cookie Mueller - Penelope Trasher
Charlene Kaleina - Claire Smith
Bill Rice - Mr. Gollstone

Director/Screenwriter: Amos Poe

Director of Photography: Hannah Heer

Sound: Peter Downsbrough

Film Editor: Orlando Gallini, Hannah Heer, Amos Poe

Music: Robert Fripp, Ivan Kral, John Lurie

Makeup: Claudia Porcelli

Sound Mix: Elisha Birnbaum

Producer: Hannah Heer

Exclusive Worldwide Rights & Sales: Hannah Heer

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