Directed by Glenn Silber

Produced by Glenn Silber, Claudia Vianello

Editor Phil Raymond

Consulting Editor Vanessa Cochran

Original Music by Doug Hall, Propeller Music

Graphic Designer Adele Morgan

Video Crews:

Democratic Convention, Bus Tour & Labor Day Concert
John Sharaf - Camera
Patty Sharaf - Sound

Additional Labor Day Concert
Max Miller - Camera
Keith Sikora - Camera
Darren Stucker - Camera
Tyler Lang - Sound
Susanna Styron - Field Producer

Max Miller - Camera
Tyler Lang - Sound

Indiana & Election Night in Chicago
Jon Ellison - Camera
Jamin Townsley - Sound
Tom Bailey - 2nd Camera, Election Night

Washington DC
Danny O'Shea - Camera
Ted Roth - Sound
John Blackman - Sound

St. Petersburg, Florida
David Brown - Camera
Stan Wilkins - Sound

Columbus, Ohio
Scott Winters - Camera
Jim Rebraca - Sound

Kyle Gallagher - Camera
Jay Enyart - Sound

Dave Forstate - Camera
Walter Francis - Sound

Las Vegas
Sarah Feinbloom - Field Producer
Jeff Dolen - Camera

Audio Post Facility: Dig It Audio Inc.

Re-recording Mixer: Tom Efinger

Digital Intermediate Services: Final Frame

Colorist: Stewart Griffin

Editor: Joseph Lee

Archive Video Sources
ABC News Video Source; SEIU Video; Talking Eyes Media, Poliwood, LLC,;

"Labor Day" was partly financed by SEIU who cooperated fully with the filmmakers.