Labor Day dramatically reveals the largely unknown story of how one union, thousands of activists, and a commitment to change turned Election Day into Labor Day. Two-time Oscar nominee Glenn Silber captures the exuberance and urgency of the 2008 Election in his feature documentary.

Labor Day follows a group that played a pivotal role in the electing of Barack Obama: the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), the nation’s fastest-growing labor union, with more than two million members. Labor Day is a chronicle of this union’s engagement and mobilization to ensure a Democratic victory in 2008. For Labor, the Presidential campaign was mission critical. After eight years of Republican policies, the union felt an incredible sense of urgency to change the direction of the economy and the country.

Labor Day relives the passion and excitement of this moment in American history with vibrant, cross-country footage from the Presidential campaign–conventions, concerts, rallies, speeches, door-to-door canvassing, and interviews with union members and prominent politicians about their hopes for a better future. Labor Day features a Who’s Who in American politics, journalism and entertainment, including clips from the 2008 campaign with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and Sarah Palin; interviews with prominent journalists, including Jonathan Alter (Newsweek), Karen Tumulty (Time), and Ted Koppel, as well as with political figures Gov. Bill Richardson, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and Rep. George Miller. The film also features appearances and interviews with entertainment figures Mos Def, Tom Morello, Steve Earle, Allison Moorer, and hip hop phenoms Atmosphere and The Pharcyde.