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"The Joyless Street" by G.W.Pabst

This unique 2-disc DVD set offers the improved most complete restored version of "The Joyless Street" as well as an excellent documentary about the life and work of G.W. Pabst: THE OTHER EYE, by Hannah Heer & Werner Schmiedel. - Edition Filmmuseum 48

“Having seen the documentary on the life of G.W.Pabst, I would like to state that I was strongly impressed with the high standard of work done by Ms. Heer and Mr. Schmiedel.”
- Fred Zinnemann, 1st October 1991
Legendary film director (High Noon)


"This breakthrough filmessay explores the strange case of G.W.Pabst, the Austrian Film Director who was considered a giant of early cinema before his reputation went behind a cloud. The film takes us through his work with Garbo and Louise Brooks, and his making of such classics as "Pandora's Box", "The Joyless Street", and "The Threepenny Opera". But this is no ordinary film tribute. For "The Other Eye", Hannah Heer and Werner Schmiedel, have evolved a rich visual language new to the documentary field, using a elaborate color structure that reflects not only various moods but different periods of time. The film's jazzy style and sophisticated narration probes unflinchingly the controversy surrounding Pabst: What possessed this liberal, cosmopolitan filmmaker to return to Austria in 1939 and direct movies for the Third Reich?"
   Film Society of Lincoln Center, 1991

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