PopMatters | 10/30/2009

“This election is really important. We are at a moment in time where, if nobody takes anything for granted and people work really, really hard right up to the last minute in November, we really could change things.” Steve Earle’s pronouncement makes clear the essential and frequently repeated point of Labor Day... read more


MovieMaker Magazine | 10/30/2009

The Bush Administration’s eight-year reign over the United States reminded us how enigmatic national elections can be. It takes a special group of people to realign an election with the principles on which the process was originally founded. Moviemaker Glenn Silber understands this and has created an eye-opening documentary as a result... read more


Michael Wilmington, MOVIE CITY NEWS | 10/29/2009

Made by Glenn Silber, the Oscar-nominated co-director of The War at Home, it's a good, powerful, joyous, and finally inspiring look at one labor union's (the SEIU's) fight to elect Barack Obama President in 2008. Watch it and remember what political passion, populism and dedication are all about... read more

L MAGAZINE | 10/28/2009
Silber's Labor Day attributes our significant attitude change about health care not only to the grass-roots campaign efforts of Obama supporters, but, importantly, the salt-of-the earth mobilization of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)... read more

Glenn Silber calls his new movie "Labor Day" "The War at Home Part II". That's quite a statement for anyone who has seen the Oscar-nominated "The War at Home," Silber's searing 1979 documentary about antiwar protests in Madison... read more

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