December 31, 1908 -
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October 07, 2005
Wiesenthal Larger Than Life on Screen
by Robert David Jaffee, Contributing Writer
Simon Wiesenthal, whose dogged persistence led to the capture of approximately 1,100 accused Nazi war criminals, was the quintessential larger-than than-life figure filmmakers crave. While there were some less-than-distinguished films made about him over the years, they were outweighed by fine documentaries, such as “The Art of Remembrance,” Oscar-nominated features such as “The Boys From Brazil” and several thoughtful telepics . . .
-- The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

The Art of Remembrance: Simon Wiesenthal, by Hannah Heer and Werner Schmiedel, is a documentary about a man revered as one of the great Jewish humanitarians of the 20th century. Raul Hilberg and other intellectuals also perceive him as a philosopher, although his primary work for many decades was the investigation of Nazi criminals. In a society which, since the Holocaust, has largely accepted repression of its own history, remembering appears as an art, as an ever-repeating necessary process which permanently borders on social taboo.
Thus Simon Wiesenthal, in his capacity as survivor, describes his mission in relation to those murdered as "remembering as a duty"; he gives his life to the service of truth. For "anyone who denies the crimes and genocide of the past is opening up the way for the murders of the future".

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